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World-Class Leadership Team

Health Carousel attracts amazing talent from a wide array of industries. Hiring outside the box of healthcare staffing allows our team to bring in valuable business learnings, drive creative problem solving and innovate in ways our industry hasn’t yet seen.

Jeffrey Yenser

Associate Director, Account Mgmt.

Christa Reichardt

Associate Recruiting Director

David Granger

Senior Director, Program Mgmt.

Brandon Weber

Senior Director, Onyx

Brian Porada

Associate Director, Enterprise Architecture

Meghan Kane

Associate Director, Immigration & Licensing

Erica Ponchot

Associate Director, Intl. Recruitment & Programs

Diane Eisen-Pieples

Associate Director, Financial Operations

Donita Ross

Director, Nursing/Quality Improvement

Jeannett Hasselbeck

Director, B2B Marketing

James Stilgenbauer

Director, Financial Operations

Tony Blankemeyer

Senior Director of Product

Clara Kassner

Director, Sales Operations

Megan Doup

Senior Director, Account Management

Lauren Kellum

Associate Director, Corporate Marketing

Brittany Riesenberg

Associate Director of Credentialing

Kelly Beckstedt

Director, Marketing Operations

Andrew Lingo

Director, Solution Management

Jacquelyn Counter

Director, Account Management

David Nation

Associate Recruiting Director

Alex Gonzalez

Marketing Director

Sarah Brown

Senior Director, Sales Enablement and Operations