How One Healthcare Organization Drove More Work in 2020 than 2019


Healthcare facilities across the country struggled with staffing in 2020, due to the high demand for COVID and the abrupt halt of elective procedures.

By the end of the year, though, Stratum Med actually filled more days in 2020 — more than 4,200 — than it did the year before, with the help of more than 60 locum providers.

“It was higher, despite everything,” locum coordinator Kim Coburn said. “It does not make sense does it?”

Stratum Med is a collaborative alliance consisting of 16 multi-specialty group practices located in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, North Carolina, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin.

As the COVID-19 pandemic began to hit hard, it canceled more than 500 days of coverage in April, May and June of 2020. But Stratum leadership quickly pivoted to serve the patients’ needs.  

“They changed the way they were doing things,” Coburn said. “We have more doctors on telehealth now and more locums on telehealth than we did before. We have more psych needs because of the pandemic. So we do have more needs.”

Health Carousel was among the partners who helped Stratum Med to respond to rapidly changing needs.

“I really want to hand it to everybody,” Coburn said. “For those firms to not say ‘oh, by the book’ but to really work with us on that has been amazing.”

In an exclusive interview, Coburn dived into more detail about how COVID impacted locum providers and what’s ahead for the future of locums.

Listen to the exclusive interview below, or read the transcript here.

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