Why The Secret to the Best Healthcare Recruiting is Specialization


Any good healthcare recruiting company can hire quickly. The best recruiters know the secret to hiring the best fit quickly is specialties. 

The need to hire specialty physicians is more critical than ever. 

The Association of American Medical Colleges now projects a shortage of up to 124,000 physicians by 2034, with the largest disparities in the area of specialty providers. 

“There's a war for talent out there,” Health Carousel VP of Innovation Tracy Hankin said. “So our ability to put our best foot forward and win that war for talent enables us to deliver better higher quality matches and providers for our clients.”

The need for specialty-forward recruiting became clearer than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic when healthcare facilities’ need for critical care and pulmonary medicine spiked. 

To find the best fit, recruiters need to understand the healthcare facility needs for that specific specialty and to speak the language of the specialties — including procedure terminology, ideal schedule based on specialty type, and appropriate census ratios unique to each specialty.

That’s why Health Carousel structures its recruiting teams based on specialty, with deep training of higher acuity specialties. 

“Our specialty focus really puts the best and brightest on our side to work for the client to be able to recruit that top level talent,” Hankin said. “It sets us apart from many of other competitors who are just trying to jam the volume through the pipeline as quickly as they possibly can and get the client a provider as soon as they possibly can.” 

During her interview, Hankin also spoke about how Health Carousel is among the first healthcare companies to bring a true digital experience to staffing. 

Listen to the exclusive interview below, or read the transcript here.

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