Ariella Gottlieb

VP of Health Carousel Workforce Solutions
Salt Lake City, UT

Ariella Gottlieb, VP of Health Carousel’s Workforce Solutions brings over 20 years of healthcare experience from Medicare training at Humana to over a decade of clinical staffing at both CHG Healthcare and AMN Healthcare.  

Ariella has always had a passion for quality patient access to care as she obtained her Biomedical Ethics undergraduate degree from McGill University in Montreal Canada and walked the halls of hospitals around Canada seeking to understand cultural and minority access issues that required additional oversight.  

As someone who also identifies as a disability advocate due to her own neurological disorder, Ariella serves on both the Epilepsy Foundation and leads an Art Therapy program for adolescents struggling with seizure challenges. Ariella is passionate about ensuring that people at their most vulnerable moments are treated with the care and consideration deserved throughout hospitals and outpatient facilities across the country.

In her spare time, and as a Canadian at heart, Ariella is a dedicated hockey mom to her two children and you can find her spending weekends at ice rinks across Utah and Idaho. Moreover, alongside her husband of almost twenty years, the whole family thrives on nature as they enjoy camping, hiking and skiing in the Wasatch mountains.