Paul Conklin

VP of Travel Nursing, NTN
Dayton, OH

Paul Conklin is the Vice President of Travel Nursing at Next Travel Nursing. In his current role, Paul leads a team of managers and recruiters with the goals of helping to improve lives and make healthcare work better, along with ensuring that everyone in the US has access to a qualified healthcare professional. He leads his team with a foundation of principles centered on Teamwork, Collaboration, Culture, and Integrity.

Prior to his current position, Paul got his start in the travel nurse industry as a Recruiter with Medical Staffing Options in 2010 in a one-desk model in which he was also responsible for business development, account management, and credentialing. From a Recruiter he went on to become a Recruiting Manager and, subsequently, a Director of Operations. Paul continued to serve as a Director of Recruiting after Medical Staffing Options was acquired by Health Carousel in 2017. In January 2018, Paul moved from Medical Staffing Options to Next Travel Nursing in Dayton, OH – another brand of Health Carousel’s travel nursing division. After a year serving as the Director of Recruiting, Paul was promoted to Vice President of Travel Nursing at Next in January 2019.

Paul earned a BSS from Ohio University (go Bobcats). He currently resides in suburban Dayton with his wife, Stacie, and their two sons, William and James.