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Tackling the toughest challenges in healthcare

Every American deserves access to a qualified healthcare professional when they need one. Yet a chronic shortage of healthcare professionals makes it hard for healthcare organizations to deliver consistent, high-quality patient care.

If you’re struggling to maintain appropriate staffing levels throughout the year due to short-term spikes in patient census, staff transition periods or unanticipated vacancies, your current staffing model may be inadequate.

A Flexible Approach

Healthcare Carousel has developed a reliable and robust healthcare staffing model that uses a “market of one” flexible approach. We start by evaluating the root cause of your workforce challenges and design custom solutions around your specific needs.

We're problem solvers

We understand that every healthcare organization is unique, so we develop custom workforce solutions that address your unique needs.

We’re passionate about innovation

We invest in technology and digital tools that scale up traditional recruiting services and increase efficiency for virtually any practice setting.

We're flexible

We take a holistic approach to talent, with solutions that include all available resources, including temporary, temp-to-permanent and permanent.

We're committed to the highest standards

Our purpose is to improve lives and make healthcare work better and we are an active advocate for the highest ethical standards in the industry.

Custom solutions. Faster business outcomes.

Health Carousel provides a broad portfolio of staffing solutions that positively impact your patient care, staff morale, cost and revenue.

Improve patient experience

When you lower your provider-to-patient ratio, you can improve patient experience and outcomes. You also create a better work environment that promotes overall workforce health, well-being and the ability to provide quality care. Whether you need travel nurses, allied healthcare professionals, advanced practice professionals or physicianson a temporary or permanent basis — we have the tools to identify the right candidates and deliver them where and when you need them. Our experienced, in-house clinical team serves as an extension of your team to assess, interview and select top talent, so you have more time to deliver high-quality patient care. You can rely on:
  • Talent pools that are best-in-class

  • Proven systems and processes for screening, clinical verification, credentialing and onboarding

  • Our ability to meet critical needs with flexible start dates, shifts and assignment lengths, including long-term options

  • Options to convert temporary staff to full time hires

  • Fully vetted and supported international healthcare professionals, ensuring a high rate of conversion to full-time at the end of the contract period

  • Total talent management services to prepare every healthcare professional for the unique requirements of their position

optimize cost containment

The total cost of staffing is greater than the cost of staff salaries. It includes contract labor, training, staff turnover, new technology, the cost of your own time and the quality of patient care. We help you understand and avoid the hidden costs of an inefficient staffing solution. Our comprehensive services and in-house submittal quality assurance process help you:
  • Reduce the administrative burden of managing multiple staffing partners

  • Use flexible staffing, focusing on solutions that meet your organization’s needs

  • Attract, source and qualify the right talent so you optimize nurse utilization, lower hiring costs and avoid bad hires

  • Gain access to higher quality candidates, so you save time on process

  • Understand when full-time staff is needed and avoid the higher staffing costs of short-term contract labor and overtime staffing

  • Reduce your administrative costs associated with repeatedly training and onboarding short-term contract labor

Enable revenue & profitability

Appropriate staffing levels can directly impact quality scores and contribute to revenue reimbursement in today’s value-based reimbursement models. By addressing your specific challenges and using advanced technology to drive staffing decisions, Health Carousel helps you cut costs and increase revenue enablement:
  • Protect facility and system revenue by fully staffing units and maximizing available procedures

  • Add providers where needed to continue patient volume, procedures and revenue generation

  • Gain visibility into staff spending and identify improvement areas

  • Avoid patient diversions, unit closures and decreased bed utilization due to staff shortages

  • Outsource billing and reimbursement for locum services

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