the superheroes of healthcare

Our healthcare providers are our greatest assets.

Our Healthcare Heroes

With positive attitudes, compassion and the willingness to go above and beyond on the front lines to care for patients, each of our nursing, allied health, physician and advanced practice professionals we place are, in a word, awesome. 

Our Hero's Stories

“PassportUSA has helped me from the start, since I first applied in the Philippines and throughout my entire work assignment.” Rheena, a physical therapist with PassportUSA, became a certified OASIS field clinician for Home Health while on assignment. She is currently studying for her Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy and accepted a full-time employment offer from her assigned facility.

Physical Therapist, PassportUSA

“I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of many recovery stories across the country during my locums works. From treating a patient who was gored by a bison in Yellowstone National Park, to healing a young skydiver who crashed into a mountain, to founding a COVID rehab in California and cheering as patients were discharged home after months in the hospital. There is no greater job satisfaction than helping patients regain hope and function, and achieve their goals in life.”

Dr. Valerie Jones
NEXTLocums physician

“I will do anything they need. I just feel that it is my duty to be fighting. I am being paid to put my patients first. That is my responsibility, and I came here to do just that” - John (Jack), RN, is a 68 year old former marine who took an assignment in New Jersey near the start of the COVID pandemic. At one point, he was taking care of a COVID patient when his PPE ripped down the back. While worried, John continued to finish what he needed to do and assured the patient he was Okay. Though he doesn’t view himself as a hero, the rest of the care team does.


“Thank you so much PassportUSA for all of your support. I am grateful for the opportunities you have given to me and my family.” Marylie, originally from the Philippines, finished her assignment in 2018 as an RN, became a Family Nurse Practitioner and today she’s working as a fulltime NP at the same client facility. She is on track to graduate from her Doctorate of Nursing Practice next year and attributes her experience with Health Carousel for her success.

Nurse Practitioner

"I had wanted to support veterans with rehab needs and hadn’t been able to find the right opportunity. Luckily, I was contacted by NEXTLocums and they presented me with the perfect opportunity. I will never forget when a veteran told me that I gave him hope that things can get better."

Dr. Cichon
NEXTLocums physician

“I am so grateful to live and work in the USA. My kids enjoy school here and I am so grateful to the facility staff for making me feel like part of their family.” When the facility where Iris had her first RN assignment offered her fulltime employment, Iris graciously accepted. She came to the U.S. with her husband and three children and has not only exceeded her employer’s and patients’ expectations, she sees a brighter future for herself and her family.


“When I leave work, all I can think is ‘Did I do everything I could to prevent myself from getting this virus?’ Even from those that are asymptomatic. The hardest part is being away from family. My hubby is always my rock and voice of reason and currently he is back home in WV.” – Mary, an ER RN, is on the frontlines as a Health Carousel travel nurse while her husband supports her from their home in West Virginia.


“Stay strong. Make them wonder how you’re still smiling.” That’s Shelby’s advice to other healthcare professionals as she works as a travel nurse during the pandemic. Shelby is an RN and true healthcare hero with Health Carousel.


Dr. Guerrah, a NEXTLocums physician from Tennessee, extended his contract in Minnesota for five weeks because he didn’t want to leave them during a healthcare crisis. It was the second time he put patients first and extended his contract or started an assignment because he felt the need.

Dr. Guerrah
NEXTLocums physician

Dr. Pumputis, while on assignment with NEXTLocums in Indiana, flipped locations around to meet her facility’s needs, driving three hours each way to work a 12 hour shift during the COVID-19 crisis. Her dedication to provide care when patients need it most makes her a true healthcare hero.

Dr. Pumputis
NEXTLocums physician

Our nurses are extraordinary

We are proud to partner with The DAISY Award.

Winners from this quarter

"...he asked me why I want to become a nurse. I shared my story with him, and he shared his story with me. He told me that when things get difficult to remember that reason. That is something I will forever cherish!" “Thank you Shaun for taking such great care of my mother, Guadalupe when she was on your unit in late Oct and early November. Our family greatly appreciate your kindness and your nursing skills.”

Shaun Kisor
Medical Staffing Options, Q2 2020 Winner

“Ari has made a quick and measurable impact with patients and providers alike at one of the three practices she covers. I received a phone call from the spouse of a patient under Ari’s care. She was very keen to share her impressions and her thanks for the compassionate care Ari was providing her husband, in particular during his recent challenges, which also happened to be during the holidays. In the spouse’s words, “Ari has been a blessing during this difficult time. She is compassionate, caring organized and on top of it. She even called on Christmas Eve to assure my husband was doing ok. Her follow through on everything makes such a difference.”

Arianne Evans
NEXT Travel Nursing, Q2 2020 Winner

“I have been in and out of the hospital for a long time. I have made bonds with nurses but have never bonded with any of them the way I have with Jen. There is just so many medical staff in and out of your room, it’s hard to make genuine connections. But, Jen is just different. She is really patient with me. I obviously don’t want to be in a hospital so I admit I can get angry and emotional at times. It doesn’t happen often, but on really bad days I will lash out. I have even lashed out at Jen, but she always forgives me and stays by my side. She has never been angry with me it or given up on me. In less than a year, I have become closer to Jen than anyone else in any hospital. She is one of the only people I look forward to seeing. I love her so much and I know she loves me too.”

Jennifer Townley
Tailored Healthcare Staffing, Q2 2020 Winner

“Diana has been a pleasure to work with. She is always smiling. She is an incredibly hard-working nurse who learns quickly and is willing to do anything that is asked of her. She has a great attitude and the patients love her. She is an excellent team player and is always willing to pitch in and help her coworkers.” “Diana is very attentive. She explained everything beforehand and gave me options. Her professional experience from life experiences were obvious in all her tasks.”

Diana Diana
Passport USA, Q2 2020 Winner

Past Winners