Total talent management

Delivering the finest healthcare talent and workforce management solutions so that every patient has access to a qualified healthcare professional when and where they need them.

Improving lives and making healthcare better

Health Carousel’s staffing and workforce solutions make healthcare work better for everyone: for providers, for facilities, and—ultimately—for patients. We design and deliver strategies to ensure every patient in the U.S. has access to a qualified healthcare professional, when and where they are needed. Even as resource demands shift, Health Carousel strengthens outcomes related to cost containment, revenue enablement, and patient experience.

Health Carousel Travel Nursing (HCTN)

Health Carousel Travel Nursing connects healthcare facilities to a national network of experienced travel nurse and allied healthcare professionals for immediate and crisis support. We’ve built a thriving, talented community of qualified, credentialed nurses and allied professionals ready to work wherever and whenever needed. With our nationwide reach, streamlined digital experience, and clinically led support team, Health Carousel is the remedy for staff shortages and career burnout. Mobility, scalability, and flexibility: it’s a workforce strategy that makes healthcare work better for everyone.

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Health Carousel Locum Tenens (HCLT)

Health Carousel Locum Tenens connects healthcare facilities to a network of experienced physicians and advanced practitioners. We build career-long relationships with qualified, highly trained providers in every specialty who work wherever and whenever needed. With our nationwide reach, streamlined digital experience, and specialty-exclusive recruiters, Health Carousel adds flexibility to workforce strategies. We make it easy to focus on doing what you love: providing exceptional patient care.

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Health Carousel International (HCIN)


Health Carousel International opens doors for experienced and engaged global healthcare professionals to expand their career horizons at U.S. facilities. We connect understaffed organizations to a sustainable network of credentialed, qualified nurses, therapists, and allied providers. Our signature PassportUSA program provides an easy, end-to-end experience for all. Facilities get a talent pipeline, lower costs, and improved clinical outcomes. Providers get a transparent, knowledgeable partner to create their own American experience. With our principled commitment to the ethical recruitment of global nurses, it's another way Health Carousel does well by doing good.

Health Carousel Workforce Solutions (HCWS)

Connect with Experts

Health Carousel Workforce Solutions is a suite of workforce management solutions that helps facilities plan for, hire, and manage their total workforce. We connect your organization with workforce management experts and our Chief Nursing Officer-led clinical teams to partner with you to create custom-staffing management solutions.

Clinical & Workforce Services

Our Clinical Team members, led by our Chief Nursing Officer, are all Master’s Prepared and Board Certified in one or more of the full range of specialties, including Obstetrics, Med-Surg, ICU/ED, and OR. They have the experience and compassion to:

  • Identify candidates who share your organization’s personality, values and goals
  • Help new hires fit seamlessly into your healthcare culture
  • Limit the potential for expensive bad hires

MSP Managed Services Provider Program

With Health Carousel’s MSP managed services program, we don’t just fill your orders; we look for the root cause of your challenges to create a better outcome – for your facility, your patients, and your staff.  You gain a dedicated team of clinically led workforce experts fueled by industry-leading technology and insights to keep you well informed and prepared for what’s ahead. The result is less dependency on contingent staff, lower overall costs, improved revenue enablement, improved patient and workforce satisfaction, and more confidence in your workforce plan.

Making healthcare work better

The Health Carousel portfolio of brands delivers innovative and customizable solutions for both workforce management and healthcare staffing. By solving healthcare staffing problems, we are ensuring that every American has access to a qualified healthcare professional when and where they are needed. We are, in fact, improving patient lives and making healthcare work better.