Our History

Our Mission

In 2004, Our founders set out to address the lack of qualified healthcare professionals in the United States. Health Carousel was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio with a mission to ensure that every American has access to high quality healthcare when and where they need it. And by doing so, to improve lives and make healthcare better.

Wanted: (More) high quality healthcare professionals

Healthcare's biggest problem

One of the biggest problems in the healthcare system is understaffing. This results in the overworking of existing staff, long waiting periods for patients, human error from exhaustion and even healthcare providers opting for earlier-than-planned retirement. Facilities are consistently challenged to meet the staffing demands of fluctuating and seasonal patient needs. And as the population of experienced healthcare providers ages, a new generation of healthcare providers are needed to fill this increasing gap.

Seasoned and Deep Leadership Team

Our founders and board members, executive team, departmental leaders, and front-line managers bring a wealth of experience and expertise in healthcare and in recruitment and staffing.  Through multiple economic cycles, recurring shortages of clinical workers, changing regulatory environments, and even a pandemic, our leaders have been on the front lines serving as trusted advisors to some of the country’s leading healthcare organizations and helping them to solve some of their most complex workforce challenges. Our leaders are passionate about helping both our staff members and thousands of our country’s nurses and allied healthcare professionals to achieve their professional and personal goals. They are committed to our business and social missions, relentless in their quest to serve all of our stakeholders, and dedicated to being the best company we can possibly be.

A global solution to a global problem

Health Carousel began as Global Scholarship Alliance, a company focused on responsible and ethical recruiting of foreign educated healthcare professionals. Bringing in high-quality talent from outside the United States could ease the pressure on the existing staff, better the healthcare work environment and solve diverse staffing issues.To ensure this didn’t deteriorate the healthcare ecosystems of the host countries, the company created and continues to support scholarships for healthcare professionals around the world –– helping to grow the population of healthcare providers globally.

Short and long-term staffing

Health Carousel’s long-term pipeline would produce healthcare professionals over many years, which had the potential to eradicate the staffing problems. Overseas nurses could be placed in hospitals that often struggle to retain talent, such as those in inner cities or rural communities. With a longer contract, these nurses become a part of the community and are more incentivized to stay.However, some organizations couldn’t wait the two or more years for the staff to start arriving. They needed nurses immediately. This led to the launch of our travel nursing solution, now known as the Health Carousel Travel Network, which addressed the short-term needs as we continued to lay out the long-term infrastructure.

The Future of Healthcare Staffing

Healthcare staffing is a dynamic, growing industry filled with challenges and significant opportunities. We are proud to have built a company and a portfolio of solutions that is solving the shortage of qualified healthcare professionals, enriching the lives of our employees, and impacting millions of patient lives.
Health Carousel founded
PassportUSA launched
Tailored healthcare staffing launched
200 healthcare professionals employed
NEXT Medical Staffing acquired
700 healthcare professionals employed
Medical Staffing Options acquired
Health Carousel Travel Network launched & 1,700 healthcare professionals employed
Health Carousel partners with the Daisy Foundation to expand Daisy Award Internationally
Combined our recruitment brands to form Health Carousel Travel Nursing, Health Carousel International, and Health Carousel Workforce Solutions