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The U.S. is in the midst of a nursing shortage. Between an aging population of nurses and patients living longer and requiring more healthcare services, the number of patients outnumbers nurses. Health Carousel offers top-of-the-line healthcare staffing solutions to facilities across the country. We can help ensure healthcare organizations stay adequately staffed by employing high-quality international nurses to fill vacancies in core positions.

Learn How Health Carousel’s International Nurses Can Help You

With the help of our international nursing recruitment agency, PassportUSA, we’ve got the largest network of credentialed, highly qualified healthcare professionals available for interview and selection globally. Our expanding, sustainable supply of registered nurses has, on average, eight years of experience, education, and training. These requisites are above industry standards and practice in the U.S., so you can be confident that the nurses you hire are the best of the best.

Long Term Solutions

At Health Carousel, we offer long-term staffing solutions. Our international healthcare professionals can be contracted long-term to help your facility staff core positions that can’t be permanently filled as quickly.

Community Care

As a top-of-the-line staffing agency, Our number one priority is high-quality patient care. Our international nurses provide much-needed stability at your healthcare organization that creates a community of care, increased patient satisfaction scores, and optimal patient outcomes. Our registered nurses put your patients first.


Health Carousel’s international nurses are driven and motivated to learn, evolve, and adapt.

What Makes Us Unique

As a joint commission certified healthcare staffing and recruiting organization, we can provide highly skilled, foreign-trained contract or permanent staff to your facility.
Global Nurse Recruitment- Simplified  
The international nursing candidates accepted into our programs have the essential education, skills, and drive to succeed in the U.S. or other global healthcare assignments. Our international nurses arrive ready to start the job after completing industry-leading U.S. clinical readiness training programs, pass the NCLEX (U.S. nursing license examination) and have all of the correct immigration and work authorizations, licenses, and credentials.
High-Quality Healthcare Professionals
A majority of global healthcare professionals surpass entry-level education standards in the U.S. and have, on average, eight years of experience in the workforce. Our international registered nurses are consistently high-performing. On average, our nurses annually score 4.6/5.0 on nine critical dimensions of professional performance. We encourage and support our nurses’ hard work by regularly awarding an Employee of the Month and the coveted DAISY Award.
CNO-led Preparedness Training
Health Carousel’s CNO-led team of Master’s-prepared nurses hold a combined 50+ years of clinical expertise. This team is responsible for providing accessible, top-of-the-line training to relieve global medical professionals from expensive U.S. testing and preparation fees during the immigration process. Our nursing recruits’ passing rates are 17-20% higher than that of the average global healthcare professional. Our training tools are in use by 80% of all hospitals in the United States and also include clinical scenario simulations to help ensure all of our nurses are prepared to hit the floor as soon as possible.
White Glove Relocation and Resettlement
The PassportUSA relocation and resettlement process assists our international nurses in securing housing near their specific assigned work location, as well as supporting their families. We will meet them at the airport as soon as they arrive, help them adjust to their new community, and make sure they are well-prepared to live comfortably and work successfully from the jump.
Industry Leaders in Ethical Recruitment and Quality Standards
Health Carousel’s International Network continually sets a high standard for quality, ethical nurse recruitment across the globe.
Ongoing Clinical Support
Our clinical team offers onboarding support to efficiently maximize our nurses’ speed-to-proficiency and ensure staff retention, satisfaction, and performance on the job. Our supervisory services provide continued training and supervision throughout the entirety of the nurse’s given assignment. They also ensure proper licenses, credentials, and CEU credits are maintained.

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