Recruiting Department of One: ‘We Can Do It Just Like the Big Guys Do’

August 1, 2023
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What happens when you’re a recruiting staff of one and in a small rural community, but you need to replace providers and launch a new service line?

That’s what happened to Madison Health, a small hospital located in London, Ohio — a rural town located around 25 miles southwest of Columbus with a population of just under 10,000 people. 

Over the last few years, the hospital saw major changes in how they operate and treat patients. 

Three of the providers left via for personal reasons, like retirement and maternity. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospital introduced its patients to MyChart and telehealth options. It also decided to hire a pulmonologist for the first time. 

“We've always said we're small, but we like to think big,” said Allison Wenger, primary and specialty care clinical coordinator for Madison Health. “And I think this allowed us to do that and to show others and show patients and the community members that we can do it just like the big guys do.” 

Wenger knew she needed to find permanent providers, not a short-term contract, who could get the job done.

Patients are loyal to Madison Health and want someone who’s going to stay for the long run, not a short-term contract, Wenger said. “They hate that inconsistency. They want somebody who's going to come here, who’s going to love it and who’s going to stay.”

She’s a recruiting department of one, though, and would need additional support to find the right fit.

That’s when she decided to partner with Health Carousel. 

“They wanted to get to know Madison Health. They wanted to know what we needed and what we wanted,” she said. “I felt like we were having an impact on both sides. You're not just a number. You're not just a place and that's what we try to do at Madison Health. So I really liked that connection.”

In an exclusive interview, Wenger spoke more about the rise in telehealth and about seeing a rise in patients who are taking a proactive interest in their own health. 

Listen to the exclusive interview below, or read the transcript here.

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