Crisis Relief Solutions

Immediate support in response to pandemics, natural disasters, or other crisis events

Health Carousel’s staffing and workforce solutions make healthcare work better for everyone—providers, facilities, and patients. Certified by The Joint Commission, we design and deliver strategies to ensure every patient in the U.S. has access to a qualified healthcare professional, when and where they are needed. We provide services in all 50 states, Guam, and Puerto Rico, and are on GSA contract through our recruitment brand, NEXT, to provide nurse travel and locum support. Even as resource demands shift in the face of crisis, Health Carousel improves cost containment, revenue enablement, and patient experience.

Health Carousel has extensive experience with COVID-19 response. To address emergency staffing needs during the pandemic, we created a Rapid Response program to provide immediate crisis staffing and fast-track hiring through our experienced clinical team. We responded quickly and consistently, filling close to 13,000 nursing assignments of varying lengths. Specifically in the hot spots such as New York, we were able to triple the amount of support provided within the first month of the pandemic and steadily increase the number of nurses to more than five times pre-pandemic levels. We also identified and partnered with state boards with Emergency Orders or Exemptions to remove licensing barriers to entry. We enabled more nurses to provide care across the country and to stay compliant.

Not only were we able to provide nursing support, but locum assistance as well. For one client in particular, we were able to assemble a team and credential the required medical doctors and advanced practice providers to meet their onsite and telemed needs within nine days. During the height of the pandemic, we expanded to manage a team of 90 providers for this one client alone, scheduling 30 providers per day, 7 days a week, and covering 2,500+ hours of weekly patient care.

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