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Health Carousel, a Healthcare Staffing Agency for You

At Health Carousel, we understand the unique staffing needs Wyoming hospitals and healthcare systems face. That’s why we work with a qualified network of local, travel, and international healthcare professionals to fill workplace shortages fast.

Hospitals and healthcare systems have a vital role in any community. Their time and efforts should be spent focusing on the quality of patient care, not on healthcare staffing shortages. Health Carousel can help your organization accomplish its goals and meet patient needs.

Healthcare Staffing Resources

Our greatest resource is the healthcare providers who go above and beyond each day caring for the people of Wyoming. We believe in recruiting the highest quality candidates from around the world to offer top-of-the-line healthcare in your own backyard.

Discover Workforce Solutions

Healthcare in Wyoming

We’re a proud staffing provider for hospitals and healthcare systems across Wyoming. With our omnichannel workforce solutions, we help healthcare facilities throughout the Wyoming area maximize efficiency and fulfill short, mid, and long-term staffing needs.

Discover Workforce Solutions

Learn More about Healthcare Staffing

Health Carousel utilizes a variety of staffing solutions to fit your unique requirements.

Travel Nursing

As the healthcare staffing crisis continues, we ease the burden of healthcare shortages by employing highly qualified travel nurses. From RNs to advanced practitioners, our staff is ready to alleviate personnel needs immediately and help you get back to serving your community.

Allied Health Professionals

We’re proud to work with a variety of highly trained allied health professionals. Some of the positions we staff include respiratory therapists, medical laboratory technicians, surgical technologists, and licensed practical nurses. No matter what role you’re trying to staff, we can help.

International Staffing Services

We make sure local Wyoming healthcare facilities have access to top talent and medical staff from across the globe. Our experienced healthcare staffing professionals handle the legal and credentialing requirements so you can easily access the most experienced providers.

About Health Carousel

At Health Carousel, we believe in serving the Wyoming area by giving healthcare providers the resources they need to excel. We are passionate about connecting hospitals and health systems with qualified staff to deliver world-renowned care to our community.