Health Carousel Invests in the american dream

We are proud of the up-front investment Health Carousel makes to bring healthcare professionals to the United States – an investment that enables them to remain in the United States forever.We follow the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment (AAIHR) Code of Ethics and are a Certified Ethical Recruitment Firm.

some of the key investments Health Carousel typically makes in our international healthcare professionals

  • Visa costs, including visa screen certification, visa filing fees and refiling fees when necessary, attorney fees and premium processing fees to accelerate visa processing.
  • Dedicated International Employee Supervisor that acts as liaison throughout the duration of the healthcare professional’s employment with Health Carousel.
  • English Language Proficiency Exam (IELTS) support, including English review course costs, exam fees and retesting fees.
  • U.S. nursing license exam (NCLEX) support, including NCLEX review course costs, exam fees and retesting fees where necessary.
  • State licensing costs, including registration, fingerprinting fee, licensing exam fees, exam retesting fees and state license costs.
  • Credentialing costs, including educational evaluation against U.S. standards, background checks, drug tests and certification costs.
  • Travel-related expenses, including international and domestic airfare, transitional housing advance, arrival advance for initial living expenses and dedicated travel and housing team.
  • Dedicated arrival coordinator and their associated travel and housing costs for meeting and greeting the healthcare professional at their U.S. assignment destination.
  • Support in bringing their immediate family members to the United States with them, including assistance from our travel and housing team with their expenses and arrival logistics.
  • 8- to 12-week virtual residency program that prepares foreign-educated healthcare professionals to practice in the U.S.
  • For qualified nurses, up to $15,000 bonus with our milestone rewards program.
  • Clinical nurse support team to assist during employment with Health Carousel.
  • Mobile phone and data.

You may also refer to the below website for a summary of some of the key benefits of working with Health Carousel's PassportUSA program.

Career Options during and after your initial Passport USA assignment, including opportunities to

Expand your skill set with assignments in new specialties
Pursue certification in your chosen area of specialization
Diversify your experience by working assignments in new clinical settings
Additional full-time assignments in new geographic locations in the US
Extend your career with Health Carousel as a Travel Nurse
Become a Nurse Educator or Nurse Practitioner through our MSN work/study program