Promote Volunteerism for More Than Company Morale

July 28, 2023
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Today’s corporate atmosphere is changing to reflect some emerging values of our world. Social awareness and corporate social responsibility are considered must-haves by some job candidates and when consumers need services. Companies that promote and understand a “give back” mentality tend to attract and retain more qualified candidates for their positions and build stronger business relationships.

Nowhere, perhaps, is this more relevant than in the healthcare industry. Most physicians and other providers initially entered their field with a desire to help others. So, healthcare companies with solid volunteerism values tend to rise to the top in terms of staff loyalty, elevated employee morale, and an optimized business bottom line.

Volunteering as a company practice offers many benefits to the community, the employees, and the business itself.

Community Benefits of Volunteerism

From children’s programs, food banks, schools, animal shelters, or other non-profits, every community has underserved populations needing support. With a few keystrokes — or phone calls — your company can identify local organizations seeking volunteers. By partnering with an organization that aligns with your company values, your organization can make a huge difference in your community.

Consider the impact if each of your employees volunteer yearly — to some degree and even for just a few hours — and how that could make a difference in your area. Building strong communities supports the general infrastructure, which includes the healthcare system, so by adding your resources into the mix, you can significantly improve the community right outside of your doors.

Some hospitals support a more global outreach and encourage employees to volunteer in national disaster situations or overseas. By promoting a global vision of volunteerism, your hospital or practice can make a massive difference to the world in which we live, bringing resources to areas that are genuinely struggling.

Employee Benefits of Volunteerism

You can create a culture of compassion within your organization as the benefits of community service reap rewards.

First, colleagues tend to form bonds and friendships while working on projects outside of work. People who volunteer together often find they share common interests. When workplace relationships improve, increased productivity and job satisfaction follow.

Additionally, most employees welcome the opportunity to try something new during their day. Employees can learn new skills and strengths that can be applied to the regular working day, improving the overall flow of the workday and the efficiency of the systems.

Also, volunteering is good for your health. A 2018 study described the positive benefits of community service to self-esteem, blood pressure, life satisfaction and depression.

How Volunteerism Affects the Company Bottom Line

Certainly, organizations that promote volunteerism and support their employees develop a more positive brand image and attract new relationships. By celebrating the volunteer work of your staff in a public way, you can create a market presence known for compassion, care and community — three values that are in alignment with medicine.

Increased staff productivity, improved staff retention, bringing in new patients and building a positive image in the community all work to increase revenue and improve your bottom line. This helps to support further growth and develop innovative programming for the future. Ultimately, the positive feedback cycle of company volunteerism is endless.

How to Support Volunteerism in Your Healthcare Company

There are many ways you can create a company culture that supports volunteerism. The first is to provide paid time off for volunteer hours. Some companies build several paid days off per year into the benefits package so that employees can support an organization that personally matters to them. Employees feel respected, supported and individualized when their organization provides this generous benefit.

Also, reward service within your organization by spotlighting volunteers and recognizing the charitable contribution of others. When employees see your facility’s support of service work, they are more inclined to build that virtue in their own lives, realizing it aligns with their work values.

Some medical groups send teams of people to other countries — or underserved regions of the U.S. — to work in areas of extreme need, offering people exceptional care to which they may not usually have access. This kind of experience can be life-changing for medical professionals and transform their practice and priorities upon return. By widening the scope of care, hospitals can show they reflect their values worldwide, which is inspiring indeed.

How Locum Tenens Can Help Support Your Volunteer Program

Because medical providers are so essential within the hospital system, filling a slot may be necessary to allow your physicians or staff time off to volunteer. Locum tenens providers are the perfect solution for this situation.

Short-term professionals who can step into a vacant role will support the flow of patient care so that you can allow your doctors, nurses and other practitioners time to volunteer. While it is a financial outlay to hire a locum tenens provider, the rewards of the decision can far outweigh the cost.

Remember, your doctors and other providers will feel personally and professionally supported by your hospital. Additionally, the positive morale, teamwork and company image will likely draw more revenue over time than the amount you are paying for a locum tenens provider.

You will likely have less staff turnover and attract top-tier, loyal staff into any new roles that arise. The benefits of company volunteerism cannot be overstated.

By thinking outside the box — in fact, by thinking outside of the four walls of your facility — you can be sure to create a positive company culture that transforms your employees and your community. Find out more about how locum tenens can help support your specific company volunteerism and start the program. Your employees, your patients, and your community will thank you.

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