Health Carousel's 2016 Fastest Growing Profile

September 13, 2016

Health Carousel's been named as the fifth-fastest growing staffing firm in the United States and the nation's third-fastest healthcare staffing firm. Below is a snippet of the company's profile feature on Staffing Industry Analyst:


Rank: 5

Headquarters location: Cincinnati

Five-year CAGR for revenue: 76.0%

Riding High

Health Carousel’s magnetic culture attracts the right workers

Healthcare ranks among the fastest-growing staffing sectors with the Affordable Care Act, expansion of Medicaid and the healthcare labor shortage. But at healthcare staffing firm Health Carousel, CEO Bill DeVille says there is more to that when it comes to growth at his firm, which ranks No. 5 on the list of fastest-growing US staffing firms.“What I think is driving our growth is internal,” DeVille says. “Our people are the greatest investment that we make. … We’ve attracted some very impressive people that get up every day and execute in the marketplace and make this company go.”He describes the culture at Health Carousel as “magnetic.”The company is constantly focused on conducting employee engagement and satisfaction programs, activities, and benefits including platinum health benefits, holistic employee well-being, professional development, and creative, team-oriented cultural events including catered monthly meetings, employee-driven community service programs, company outings, softball and volleyball teams, and “tough mudder” competitions just to name a few.It also maintains transparency among workers about how the company is doing, and it works to get feedback from workers. Company goals are made public, and staff members know how their roles fit into those objectives so they know that they are not just a cog in a wheel.Competitions and culture aside, one unique effort is that the company aims to stay away from the typical office design of a staffing firm. Itscurrent headquarters in Cincinnati is in a renovated 1880s firehouse.“It’s sort of a cross between Silicon Valley and a ski lodge,” DeVille says. To see the entire profile featured on Staffing Industry Analyst's website, click here.

About Health Carousel

Health Carousel is committed to partnering with world-class healthcare facilities across the country, providing rewarding assignments for Registered Nurses and Allied Health Professionals, and attracting the best internal talent at all career levels.