Marijke Woodruff named winner of C-Suite Award

December 3, 2020

The Cincinnati Business Courier announced today that Health Carousel’s Chief People Officer, Marijke Woodruff has been honored as the winner of the C-Suite Awards in the human resources category.

This annual program honors top-level executives who have shown outstanding leadership and driven stellar performance. The 14 winners were chosen from a group of 41 finalists in 5 categories.

“Marijke is an inspiration for her peers and employees due to her leadership style, high energy, and the results she produces,” said Bill DeVille, CEO of Health Carousel, when Marijke was announced as a finalist. “She lives and breathes the company mission each day and is always focused on our talented team and how we can achieve more and live more.”

Read more on Marijke’s leadership profile below:

Marijke Woodruff

Title: VP of Human Resources and Chief People Officer, Health Carousel

Education: Bradley University

Experience: Various HR leadership roles with Procter & Gamble; vice president of HR for Cincinnati Bell; came to current role at Health Carousel in 2016

Resides: Hyde Park

Family: Husband, Kirk; three children – Connor, Kees and Ryka; bulldog Argus

How have you changed as a leader since the pandemic began? 

This pandemic has challenged me as a leader in ways I never could have expected at the beginning of the year.

I believe the pandemic challenged me, personally, to engage even more with individual employees and leaders constantly going through change on a personal and professional level, knowing that the impact of Covid fatigue on the mental and emotional health of my employees has taken its toll.

But their resiliency has also been a point of inspiration for me to remain vigilant in how we executed our business continuity plan, empowering us to lead with more compassion, agility, and humility while providing transparent plan for our direction forward.

I also know that these past several months have helped us all approach situations with more creativity and agility. During the day I’ve had to work with my team to make sure all our policies, procedures, and benefits can adapt to this situation and, in the evenings, I’ve had to rig up a pulley system to deliver meals to my quarantined college student!

What changes to your workplace do you think will remain permanent? 

I think what will remain permanent in our culture is the power of human connection and relationships driving something bigger than just work. When we focus on our higher purpose and are genuinely connected to each other, we see the difference in the things we can achieve. We achieve more together.

The way we responded to the crisis by leveraging technology and safety protocols in our dynamic workspaces, along with our recovery has strengthened our organizational capability for urgency, agility, innovation, and service. This camaraderie is our motivation and our support to provide the much-needed staffing services in supporting our clients, health care providers, and our communities.

What’s a favorite question you ask during a job interview? 

“What do you stand for and how does that connect to Health Carousel’s purpose?”

Who was an early mentor to you and how did they help your career? 

George Armstrong, my professor at Bradley University and the head of the speech and debate team, gave me the opportunity to join the team as an underdog. I have dyslexia and so this was a great challenge for me to compete at the collegiate level. But the experience from a four-time national championship team helped me improve a critical life skill of effective communication and this has served me well.

Next big personal goal you hope to achieve? 

I have two personal goals coming up for 2021. One is to earn my certification at EMBRA and become a yoga instructor to help inspire and ground others and to take my practice to the next level of intention & discipline.

Post-Covid, I cannot wait to travel again, both internationally and here in the U.S. Traveling gives me great perspective, new experiences and creates new moments that become cherished memories. I enjoy exploring amazing cities to immerse myself in their culture and food. I want to visit Holland and Ireland to honor my parents, but I also have Alaska, Africa and India on my list.

Favorite way to relax outside of work? 

I enjoy gathering, cooking, and laughing together with family and friends at our kitchen table or by the warm hearth in the yard.

Physical activity is also a key component in my life with a focus on yoga, lifting, walking, and meditation. This commitment keeps my mind calm and gives me strength and energy to endure the day with purpose and inspiration.

Most recent book or podcast you enjoyed? 

“This American Life” podcast hosted by Ira Glass is an amazing storytelling compilation of over 700 stories about compelling people. It grounds me, humbles me and inspires me in the importance and relativity of humanity and civility in our world today.

What was your first job and what did you learn from it? 

Shucking oysters at a local seafood restaurant in Tampa, Fla., where I realized I was really, really bad at it. You must find something you love to do every day.#LoveWhatYouDo.

If you weren’t in your current role, what would be your first choice for a new career? 

I am an entrepreneur at heart and I love to coach people. I think I would continue to honor my dad’s legacy and work closely with my two best friends – my sisters Erin and Meeghan – to run, expand, and scale our family’s real estate business.

I also think anything I would do would need to involve giving back to the community with a focus on research for finding a cure for Alzheimer’s in honor of my mom, a cure for Type 1 diabetes in honor of my daughter and continuing to volunteer at the Red Cross. The Red Cross has taught me how compassion is a global duty to care for people in need regardless if it’s your neighbor or a stranger.


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