Olivia Cade Wins Josie King Hero Award

April 7, 2023

Health Carousel Partner Delivers First Josie King Hero Award

CINCINNATI, March 2023: Health Carousel is proud to partner with the Josie King Foundation to award Credentialing Specialist Olivia Cade with the Josie King Hero Award for her efforts to keep an unqualified nurse from being employed to take care of patients.

The Hero Award, created by the Josie King Foundation, is given to those who work hard to create a culture of patient safety.

Earl Dalton, Chief Nursing Officer, notes: “The award is not just for those who provide direct patient care, but for those who set an example for others every day and inspire positive change by creating a culture of patient safety. Here at Health Carousel, we understand that, ultimately, the work we do impacts our patients’ lives through the hands of the caregivers we provide. Olivia fully lives out the spirit of the Josie King Hero Award by refusing to let a nurse move to the assignment without verification of her educational credentials. In so doing, she has saved countless patients from this imposter’s practice.”

Health Carousel is one of the first organizations to partner with the Josie King Foundation. The Foundation’s pursuit of safer medical environments with fewer errors aligns closely with Health Carousel’s higher purpose of improving lives and making healthcare work better. Cade is Health Carousel’s first recipient of the Josie King Hero Award.

Cade followed Health Carousel’s standard protocol to investigate the applicant’s qualifications, escalated the situation appropriately when discrepancies arose, and ensured the nurse never began her assignment due to the individual being unable to prove their education history and work history. This individual was later revealed to have received a false degree from a counterfeit university, one of several recently dismantled.

"For me, this is a moment I am sharing because I want those in my network to know how incredibly important the credentialing process is in the travel nursing industry," Olivia said. "And I also want to recognize and thank the nurses who do put in the hard work it takes to become qualified to provide life-saving care to patients everyday."

Health Carousel remains committed to vetting sound applicants and maintaining quality as their highest priority. The company’s rigorous credentialing process ensures that only qualified healthcare professionals from legitimate programs are placed with their client facilities to protect and raise the standard of healthcare in the United States.

Health Carousel will continue to partner with the Josie King Foundation each year to award individuals for their exceptional dedication to patient safety. Each recipient will receive a Josie King Foundation pin, swag bag, and more.

About the Josie King Foundation

On February 22, 2001, eighteen-month-old Josie King died from multiple medical errors. Her story and death are just one of250,000 that occur each year in the US due to medical errors.

Because of this, the Josie King Foundation was established to prevent others from dying or being harmed by medical errors. The foundation continues to grow out of a desire to promote positive change in an imperfect environment and continues to reach multiple partners throughout the country. The Hero Award, created by the Josie King Foundation, is given to those who work hard to create a culture of patient safety.

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