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February 22, 2021

Cracking Staffing Industry Analyst's Top 10 Healthcare Staffing Firms in the US, it is easy to see why so many healthcare recruitment leaders join Health Carousel.

In 2017 Health Carousel was ranked 32nd on the list and has since risen 23 spots to claim the 9th largest healthcare staffing firm in only 3 years. As the healthcare workforce demands a better overall recruiting experience, in addition to competitive pay and benefits and attractive assignments at top facilities, Health Carousel has doubled down on creating products and experiences that improve the recruiter and healthcare professional experience, and that deliver faster results for clients facing critical workforce shortages.

“Our culture appeals to the high-achiever, that recruiting professional who continually builds upon their career, and we support them as they develop their skills, master their knowledge of the industry and grow into leaders. Health Carousel is committed to helping fuel our employees personal, professional, and financial growth.” - Bill DeVille, Chief Executive Officer of Health Carousel.

Health Carousel's career development model has created hundreds of new opportunities for aspiring professionals in the Ohio region and across the US.

World-Class Leaders

Our leadership team is filled with a combination of seasoned professionals with years of experience in the healthcare workforce sector and leaders from outside the box of healthcare staffing, allowing our team to bring in valuable business learnings, drive creative problem solving and innovate in ways our industry hasn’t yet seen.

Our leadership team is committed to leading and shaping the industry and our team is consistently recognized for their impact and leadership.

“Health Carousel lured me away from a successful career with another healthcare company by being authentic. Each leader that I interviewed with first wanted to get to know me personally as culture does matter here. Health Carousel breeds respect and autonomy for all divisional departments and that is truly impressive. Happy people make happy clients."  - Ariella G., VP of Health Carousel Workforce Solutions.

The culture of high achievement and leadership excellence translates to recognition in the industry.

“What initially attracted me to Health Carousel was their aggressive growth, but this team also celebrates that business success is tied to our ability to positively impact the healthcare industry. It was important for me to be part of such a high-growth, but mission-led organization.” - Jason S., Director of Business Development.

Looking to Learn More About Joining Our Team?

As their growth continues, Health Carousel opens the door for more healthcare recruiting leaders from all levels to join in as they expand their patient care reach in 2021.

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About Health Carousel

Health Carousel is committed to partnering with world-class healthcare facilities across the country, providing rewarding assignments for Registered Nurses and Allied Health Professionals, and attracting the best internal talent at all career levels.