Boost Productivity with Healthcare Workforce Management

August 18, 2022

Healthcare workforce management software offers an innovative solution to simplify and optimize staff operations. From forecasting to vendor management, this software can help your organization tackle challenges like high turnover and staff shortages and automate certain workflows to free up valuable time. In turn, teams can focus on essential work like efficient recruiting and fostering a culture that encourages employee retention.

What is Healthcare Workforce Management Software?

Healthcare workforce management software offers a customizable digital platform to give healthcare leaders varying levels of control and visibility over their staffing program based on their needs. This vendor-neutral MSP program can completely or partially automate the entire staffing process, from posting jobs to credentialing, analytics, and more, depending on the healthcare system’s needs. It provides real-time data and forecasting to enable better planning. The software is customizable, so the client informs Health Carousel how involved they want to be in managing their workforce and what portions of the process they want to be automated.

The software empowers healthcare organizations to efficiently manage their workforce with a single, user-friendly solution.

What Features Make Workforce Management Software Essential?

Workforce management software, also called vendor management systems (VMS), packs a robust set of capabilities that make it an indispensable tool for healthcare organizations seeking to optimize their staff operations. By automating complex administrative tasks, providing data-driven analytics and forecasting, facilitating vendor management, and more, this software delivers transformative value across the employee lifecycle. Key features that drive value include:


Workforce management software automates tedious staffing tasks like job postings, applicant tracking, credentialing, onboarding, and more. This saves recruiters and managers enormous time and headaches. The automation also reduces human error that can occur with manual processes, improving compliance and data accuracy.

Custom Analytics

Clients have access to unrivaled visibility and detailed reporting on their entire workforce program, updated in real time. This includes customizable dashboards and reports that can be accessed via an online portal or automatically distributed to leadership. Specific data provided includes:

  • 24/7 access and alerts to ensure stakeholders get the right information when needed
  • Provider status updates on interview stage, estimated start/completion dates
  • Credentialing and certification expiration alerts
  • Workforce management metrics on time-to-hire, time-to-fill, fill rate, offer ratio, submission coverage, on-time starts, assignment completion, and retention rate
  • Hiring data on open positions, submissions, rejections, offers, and pending extensions
  • Working team data on cleared, working, onboarding, and extension percentage
  • Tabular data highlighting facility, department, or unit trends
  • The average age of open positions
  • Nurse assignment statuses by facility
  • Expiration of contracts
  • Financial data on total billed, paid, open amounts, disputes, and more

This unparalleled visibility through robust analytics and reporting empowers data-driven workforce planning and decision-making at every level.


Advanced forecasting and predictive analytics help plan for patient census, occupancy, and staffing needs weeks or months in advance. This enables better budgeting and vacancy coverage. Long-range insight allows proactive planning to optimize labor spending and balance costs with care quality.

Vendor Management

A vendor-neutral program provides access to a wide network of staffing agencies, nurses, non-clinical roles, and other talent pools. This flexibility allows hiring the best candidates at optimal cost. Vendor neutrality fosters market competition which typically lowers placement fees and expands hiring options.

How Does This Software Improve Healthcare Staff Operations?

Workforce management systems transform healthcare staff operations in powerful ways. In addition to benefits like automation and custom analytics that enable data-driven decision-making, benefits include:

Reduced Compliance Risk

Centralized credentialing, licensing, and onboarding for contingent staff reduce compliance gaps that lead to fines or care delays. System tracking and alerts on expirations improve license renewal rates. Compliance analytics provide insight into vulnerabilities and training opportunities. Fewer compliance failures improve patient safety and experience.

Lower Labor Costs

Vendor-neutral hiring, advanced budget forecasting, vacancy analytics, and shift optimization allow smarter spending on labor. Cost savings can be reinvested into enhanced training, incentives, and staff development. Optimized labor allocation also reduces reliance on high-cost temporary staff.

Increased Engagement

Automating administrative tasks lets managers spend more time supporting and developing core staff for better retention. More face time builds trust, belonging, and appreciation among team members. Coaching and mentoring new nurses provides growth opportunities and engagement. Staff are empowered to work at the top of their licenses.

How Does VMS Technology Improve Workforce Forecasting and Planning?

VMS or vendor management system technology is vital for optimizing staffing budgets and capacity. A VMS provides a single platform to manage all temporary healthcare staff, from travel nurses to international allied health professionals.

The workforce management software aggregates real-time data on open positions, pending departures, vacancy duration, and more. The comprehensive analytics provide visibility into past trends in turnover, offer ratio, on-time starts, retention rate, and other workforce metrics noted above.

This powers accurate predictive models to forecast hiring needs weeks or months out.

With clearer foresight into future staffing gaps, hospitals can proactively budget, recruit, and onboard temp staff ahead of time. This reduces reliance on premium labor. A vendor-neutral program allows viewing budgets across multiple staffing firms to allocate spending smarter.

How Workforce Solutions from Health Carousel Can Help

Health Carousel is one of the nation's top workforce solutions providers offering total talent management for healthcare. Our managed services, VMS technology, and business intelligence deliver a tailored full-service solution for streamlining and optimizing a healthcare workforce.

With Health Carousel, healthcare leaders gain access to our vendor-neutral workforce solution program, national talent pools, automated recruiting, budget forecasting, compliance management, and dedicated clinically led support. This empowers data-driven staff planning and cost reduction while improving the quality of care.

Intuitive, automated solutions like Health Carousel's workforce platform optimize costly staff operations from recruiting to compliance, analytics, and more. As competition for talent grows, technology and analytics will be key to sustaining a high-functioning healthcare workforce. The right workforce software solution brings control, efficiency, and insight for success.

If you're ready to connect with the leaders in healthcare staffing, request our services today.

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