Health Carousel Travel Nurse Chosen as National Staffing Employee All-Star

The American Staffing Association announced their 2022 National Staffing Employee of the Year and the Staffing All-Stars they selected in Top Industry Sectors. Health Carousel is incredibly proud to have one of our nurses, Margaret Khan, selected as the Health Care Sector All-Star and one of only five staffing employees in the entire nation to be honored.

Margaret is a travel nurse with our Next Travel Nursing brand and uses the flexibility that travel nursing provides her to support a health care clinic in her hometown in Uganda. In 2007, Khan came to the U.S. to support a family member with disabilities. After earning her associate’s and bachelor’s degree in nursing, she began with Health Carousel as a travel nurse. Her role provides her with the flexibility to work while caring for her loved one and traveling back to Uganda to support a local health care clinic. Today, Khan also works with Health Carousel’s international team to help other nurses from Uganda with licensing exams in the U.S.

“Margaret Khan is an extraordinary RN. She often works overtime without complaint, showing incredible compassion for her patients and peers. She puts 100% of herself into every aspect of her life.
It is an honor to have the opportunity to not only know Margaret, but to get to work with her. It’s truly inspiring to see the things Margaret accomplishes, from providing great patient care, caring for her family, and funding a facility in her home country and she does it all with a smile on her face. Margaret never hesitates to put others first no matter the situation.
Having the opportunity to work with RN’s such as Margaret is the “why” behind what I do. I’m proud to have her represent our company at any facility she walks into, knowing she is living out our company purpose of improving lives and making healthcare work better.” – Maura Hackney, Next Travel Nursing, Professional Nurse Recruiter

The American Staffing Association announcement marks the beginning of National Staffing Employee Week, which runs this year from Sept. 13 to 18 and celebrates the contributions of the millions of temporary and contract employees hired by U.S. staffing agencies each year.

Sponsored by StaffPro3, a division of PMC Insurance, the National Staffing Employee of the Year and All-Star awards honor current or former temporary or contract employees with an extraordinary story of staffing success and who best exemplifies one or more of the industry’s key messages of bridging and flexibility.

“Staffing and recruiting companies provide opportunities for success for employees throughout the country,” said Richard Wahlquist, president and chief executive officer of ASA. “Our National Staffing Employee of the Year and All-Stars are all incredible individuals whose partnerships with staffing companies changed their lives for the better.”

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