Malica Jackson Wins Josie King Award - Health Carousel

July 14, 2023

Last Wednesday, our QIN team went to Champaign, Illinois to present our first-ever Working Healthcare Professional Josie King Hero Award to Malica Jackson.

Malica is on assignment in Illinois, working as a NICU nurse. Her recruiter, submitted her for the Josie King Award because of the high praise she has continuously received from the facility and for her close-call story recounted below. She has received a Daisy Award nomination, a Certificate of Excellence, and a Gold Star award from her facility.

Though Malica has been recognized several times for excellent work at her facility, she further exemplified her dedication to excellence by saving an infant's life in the NICU. Malica noticed the infant was not breathing normally, and after she assessed her patient, she discovered the feeding tube had been placed incorrectly and was affecting the lungs rather than descending to the stomach. Based on her assessment and quick action, the tube was removed and replaced in the correct position. A life was saved that day, thanks to Malica's diligence and care!

The Josie King Hero Award was created by the Josie King Foundation to be given to those who work hard to create a culture of patient safety – by listening to the patient/family; encouraging them to speak up and ask questions; improving communication; improving teamwork; looking for the good catches (near misses) and fixing those near misses before they harm a patient. These awards are for those who set an example for others every day and who inspire positive change.

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