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September 24, 2022

Healthcare Cost Management Solutions

At Health Carousel we want to help organizations control costs of healthcare without sacrificing quality.

We Help Healthcare Institutions with Cost Management through Innovation-Driven Solutions

At Health Carousel, we are committed to working with our clinically led team to provide ethical and sustainable healthcare recruitment to organizations that need it most. Our team helps institutions manage their healthcare costs so they can focus on what matters most – patient care. When it’s feasible for healthcare organizations, we’ll automate your processes to improve efficiency and manage staffing costs. Employers can use our Workforce Solutions to gain more insight on areas you can implement cost management.

Without sacrificing quality, we can help you create healthcare cost management solutions.

Why do Hospitals/Healthcare Systems Need Cost Management?

When hospitals and other healthcare systems utilize cost management, they run more efficiently, while also optimizing scheduling, staffing, and patient flow. This leads to improved operations, patient experience, lower staff burnout, and other lasting impacts that are important to the quality of the healthcare system.

When costs rise, patients and hospitals feel the impact. Some of the implications of high prices include:

  • Patient Impact: Rising costs can make it difficult to provide the best patient care possible. Organizations may look for ways to reduce short-term costs that could impact long-term goals. By using effective cost management strategies, hospitals can avoid this potential impact.
  • Staff Turnover: Dealing with budget and pricing problems can trickle down to staff and working conditions. When workers feel like the environment is unstable, understaffed, or underappreciated, it can lead to high staff turnover rates.

To avoid these issues and alleviate the stress of cost management, teams can count on cost management and staffing solutions. By utilizing these solutions, you can onboard talented employees quickly to reduce downtime and fill open positions in the workplace. When companies utilize cost management services, they can turn toward focusing on the business of patient care and providing the best services possible.

Top Strategies to Reduce Healthcare Costs for Your Company

Strategies that healthcare organizations can use to contain healthcare costs include:

  • Optimize Staffing: Effective hiring and onboarding processes are essential for healthcare organizations. Health Carousel can aid in the staffing process by placing talented candidates in the right positions where they can train quickly and make an impact.
  • Increase Clean Claims: Work on streamlining and optimizing your claims process so you can increase “clean claims.” Clean claims are defined as claims with no errors or omissions. When a claim is clean, it can be processed without further verification from an individual or third-party service. Having consistent clean claims is a great way to reduce extra work and resources for your team so they can focus on patient care.
  • Decrease Time Accounts Spend in A/R: Reducing accounts receivable (A/R) time is a key way to maximize efficiency. Strategies to reduce time spent in A/R include setting processes for accurate documentation, focusing on clean claims, and educating payers on specific policies. For some organizations, outsourcing revenue and billing work can also effectively reduce A/R days and, in turn, increase and streamline revenue flow.

In addition to these strategies, healthcare organizations can count on the qualified team at Health Carousel to integrate staffing cost containment solutions.  

Here’s How We Can Help You Take Control

Optimize Cost Containment:

The total cost of staffing is greater than the cost of staff salaries. Factors that contribute to cost include training, staff turnover, new technology, the cost of your own time, contract labor, and the quality of patient care. Health Carousel helps organizations navigate unforeseen circumstances and inefficient staffing models. We offer a comprehensive solution of in-house QA processes that help you:

  • Reduce administrative burden related to staffing partners
  • Utilize flexible staffing
  • Attract high-quality talent
  • Understand exactly the type of hires that are necessary
  • Reduce overall administrative costs associated with training

Healthcare Workforce Solutions:

Complementary contract labor is an essential part of addressing staffing shortages. Health Carousel offers a program that fills your staffing needs while also looking for the root cause of your challenges, creating the best possible outcome for your facility, your patients, and your staff. Your facility and patients will benefit from our clinically led team that keeps you prepared and informed every step of the way. You can expect to experience benefits such as:

  • Less dependence on complementary contract labor
  • Lower overall costs
  • Improved revenue enablement
  • Improved patient and workforce satisfaction
  • Increased confidence in your workforce plan

Our Workforce Solutions is a flexible solution designed specifically for your organization. We understand that every client is different, and your patients are your top priority. Our clinically led team works with talented healthcare workers and facilities to help both parties find the solutions that work for them.

Whether you need travel or international nurses, allied health, or physicians and APPs, Health Carousel is in your corner for short and long-term needs.  

Ultimately, by addressing the inefficiencies and administrative burdens related to staffing, providers can better manage costs within their organization and begin to reap the benefits of healthcare cost management.


What is healthcare cost management?

  • Healthcare cost management is when a healthcare company strategically reduces spending without negatively impacting the patient and their bottom line. Healthcare cost management can work for organizations of different sizes and locations to meet their resource needs.

What are the most effective ways to control healthcare costs?

  • There are many effective ways to control healthcare costs. For example, teams can implement systems that track current costs and look for areas for improvement. Once the data is collected, organizations can create a tailored solution that works for them.

How hospitals can reduce costs?

  • Hospitals can reduce costs by optimizing staffing, scheduling, patient flow, and utilizing innovative digital tools. When hospitals reduce unnecessary costs they are able to provide more quality care to more patients. Using technology systems to track these optimization opportunities can be helpful.

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