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January 3, 2023

Healthcare organizations today face challenges in finding enough allied health professionals to deliver quality care. Partnering with specialized healthcare staffing firms like Health Carousel offers tangible benefits through expanded talent pools, faster hiring, and data-driven workforce optimization.

Allied Health Staffing Challenges Facing Healthcare Organizations

The ongoing shortage of nurses in the U.S. also extends to allied health roles. Shortfalls are driven by factors like:

  • Lack of educational opportunities
  • Rapid growth of elderly population requiring more care
  • Clinician burnout and attrition
  • Lack of experienced specialists

Despite these challenges, healthcare facilities must maintain standards of care amid understaffing. That's why addressing staffing shortfalls with innovative allied health staffing solutions is essential. From travel allied health and nursing solutions to competitive pay positions for short-and long-term roles, staffing agencies can help fill critical gaps in healthcare to ensure ongoing, quality patient care.

Benefits of Partnering with Specialized Healthcare Staffing Firms

Specialized healthcare staffing agencies offer a range of advantages for finding and onboarding top allied professionals:

  • Wider Talent Pools: Recruiters tap into large national candidate pools spanning multiple geographic regions to access specialized, in-demand roles that are often in short supply locally. This extensive reach includes more than 65 specialties – like dialysis, respiratory, lab, and med tech –  helps to identify the right candidate for the right job.
  • Faster Hiring and Onboarding: Our lean, digitized hiring and onboarding processes , combined with the human touch,  reduces time-to-fill for open allied health positions. Candidates can self-serve through the automated application, or work directly with a recruiter for a personalized experience. This flexible approach prevents extended vacancies that threaten patient care access, while allowing candidates to engage on their own terms. By accommodating individual preferences, we increase the size and diversity of the talent pool.
  • Risk Mitigation: Staffing agencies assist with risk mitigation through rigorous background checks, credentialing, ongoing license verifications, and continuous compliance monitoring. This protects healthcare facilities from penalties, litigation, reputation damage, and loss of accreditation.
  • Improved Flexibility: Partnering with staffing firms greatly improves workforce agility. External talent can quickly provide clinical professionals on a temporary or temp-to-perm basis when a facility needs change due to expansions, surges, or departures.
  • Enhanced Analytics: Specialized healthcare staffing partners offer analytics on bill rates, hiring metrics, , and other data-driven workforce insights that inform clinical talent strategy.

Partnerships with experienced, specialized healthcare staffing firms like Health Carousel are invaluable for providing improved patient care access and quality nationwide.

Vetting and Onboarding Processes

Reputable healthcare staffing partners thoroughly vet all allied health candidates:

  • Rigorous Screening: Top staffing firms screen applicants through criminal and professional background checks, screening and credentialing, and reference checks.
  • Compliance Tracking: Healthcare staffing agencies verify and store current licenses, advanced certifications, immunization records, training credentials, and more for every healthcare professional They also proactively monitor for upcoming expirations and renewals to ensure continuous compliance.
  • Streamlined Onboarding: After vetting, staffing agencies accelerate allied health hiring through optimized onboarding technology and workflows to efficiently maximize the professional’s speed to proficiency.

This level of expertise in comprehensive vetting, credentialing, and onboarding of allied health candidates is invaluable for busy healthcare organizations aiming to protect patients, minimize risks, and safeguard their reputations.

Technology-Enabled Workforce Management Solutions

Leading healthcare staffing agencies also offer robust technologies and analytics to optimize workforce productivity beyond just talent acquisition:

  • Flexible Pricing Structure: A dynamic pricing system enables facilities to optimize shift rates based on expected fill rates and clinician availability. This real-time model applies or removes incentives as needed to fill open shifts, eliminating guesswork around payment amounts.
  • VMS Technology: A vendor-neutral Vendor Management System platform delivers automation and analytics to streamline workflows. The intuitive system provides complete visibility and control over staffing. Open access to diverse talent allows facilities to secure specialized talent at competitive rates.
  • Business Intelligence: Robust analytics and customizable dashboards enable data-driven workforce planning and strategic decision-making. Features include competitive rate analysis, budgeting tools, and predictive analytics.

Leveraging healthcare staffing agencies' talent acquisition expertise along with their technology-enabled workforce management solutions enables significantly more strategic, metrics-driven clinical staffing than healthcare organizations can achieve independently. This leads to dramatic gains in workforce productivity, patient care quality, and labor cost containment over time.

Benefits of Partnering with Experienced Healthcare Staffing Experts

Specialized healthcare staffing firms offer knowledge and best practices gained from years of focused experience successfully solving clinical hiring challenges for organizations of all sizes and specialties. This expertise uniquely guides partner institutions in navigating compliance complexities, expanding talent reach beyond their geographic location, streamlining hiring workflows, leveraging advanced workforce forecasting methodologies, and controlling clinical labor costs.

Institutions that work with an experienced healthcare staffing partner like Health Carousel achieve results across key workforce metrics including:

  • Reduction in time-to-fill for open clinical positions by leveraging the staffing firm's streamlined hiring workflows and talent networks.
  • Lower overall clinical labor spending by improving workforce planning, compensation benchmarking, and temporary staffing usage for flexible staffing.
  • Cost savings on recruitment advertising, agency fees, relocation costs, and internal hiring process expenses by utilizing the staffing partner.
  • Improved candidate quality and hiring manager satisfaction by tapping into the staffing firm's specialized candidate communities, validated through higher retention.
  • Improved patient outcomes, satisfaction scores, and reputation as a result of higher quality clinical staffing. By providing healthcare organizations access to top talent that is properly screened, matched, and onboarded, staffing partners enable the delivery of better care. This drives better health outcomes and patient experiences, which builds community trust and the healthcare organization's reputation.

Choose Health Carousel for Your Travel Allied Health Staffing Solution

Health Carousel provides an integrated, tech-enabled solution for travel and international nurse and allied health staffing that improves patient experiences, reduces costs, and stabilizes your clinical workforce. Our vendor-neutral technology platform, predictive analytics, and customized staffing options deliver tailored coverage that optimizes provider-to-patient ratios from day one and beyond.

Health Carousel leverages data and analytics to reduce labor costs, enhance workforce retention, empower informed staffing decisions, and drive profitability through a mix of short, mid, and long-term staffing solutions. By partnering with Health Carousel, healthcare organizations can improve patient care quality and continuity while controlling expenses, even amid industry-wide staffing challenges.

Learn more about our high-impact allied health workforce acquisition, compliance, and management solutions.


What types of facilities use allied health staffing agencies?

Hospitals, outpatient clinics, ambulatory care centers, physician group practices, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, and other facilities leverage staffing agencies for allied health talent.

How quickly can staffing agencies fill allied health positions?

Specialized firms fill most allied health roles faster than the industry benchmarks. Partnering with specialized healthcare staffing experts like Health Carousel provides the talent, compliance, and workforce analytics needed to confront today’s allied health staffing crisis.

About Health Carousel

Health Carousel is committed to partnering with world-class healthcare facilities across the country, providing rewarding assignments for Registered Nurses and Allied Health Professionals, and attracting the best internal talent at all career levels.