Health Carousel Announces Innovative 'Master Supplier' Model for Travel Nurse Staffing

January 12, 2018

Cincinnati-based Health Carousel is pleased to announce the launch of the Health Carousel Travel Network, the company's new master supplier model for serving client healthcare systems.  

HCTN is a new, wholly-owned entity that will transform the way over 150 recruiters at Health Carousel’s three travel nurse staffing divisions deliver short-term staffing services.

Our entire team is excited about this original approach to helping client hospitals more efficiently and effectively meet their patient care obligations to the communities they serve, and we believe our clients will immediately benefit from the innovative changes we’ve put in place. - Bill DeVille, Health Carousel CEO

HCTN will provide clients with simplified processes and access to travel nurses from all three of Health Carousel’s travel nurse brands through a single point of contact at HCTN.  This will significantly expand the pool of qualified candidates available to fill positions for the company’s existing and future travel healthcare clients, as well as the number of recruiters reaching out to prospective travel nurse candidates. To meet the growing demand for travel nursing services, the company plans to double its recruiting staff in 2018.  

Each of Health Carousel’s travel nurse staffing brands—Tailored Healthcare Staffing, Next Travel Nursing, and Medical Staffing Options—will continue to focus on their unique value propositions and work to provide quality travel nurse candidates.  

As we make this transition, our clients will gain greater access to qualified travel nurses, providing them with timely and dependable staffing solutions. I'm incredibly proud of our team’s efforts to make healthcare work better via HCTN, and look forward to the positive impact our partners will enjoy. - Erik Schumann, Health Carousel CSO

To learn more about the benefits HCTN clients can look forward, or to request coverage for your healthcare facility, visit our clients page now. You may also contact Erik Schumann directly at (513) 794-3834.

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