3 Reasons Service Industry Employees Make Great Recruiters

November 20, 2020

You love people. You love the fast pace. You love having control over your income. It’s no secret the service industry has been devastated by the pandemic leaving thousands of hard-working people unemployed or seeing drastic cutbacks in their hours. Your skills have prepared you for a career you may not know about. In this article we discuss 3 reasons service industry employees make great recruiters and hear from a top recruiter in healthcare, Lauren Rider, who spent 9 years in the industry before making the change.

You are no stranger to hard work.

Long hours, extra shifts, weekends, and late nights on your feet; sound familiar? You get out what you put in. The only difference in recruiting is the long-term effect of your hard work. Your “extra” work results in residual income instead of that extra $200 one time.

“You can bust your ass at work as a server and not make anything. This job is a grind. No one is more use to the self-made grind than service industry employees.”


You know people. Good and Bad.

You control the customer interactions, but you often lack control over everything else. The kitchen is backed up, someone called off for their shift, or the night is just slow. Your money doesn’t have time for excuses. Recruiters are constantly managing conversations, good and bad, while ensuring they take care of their candidates. No more one and done. People remember when you take care of them and stick with you for it.

“To put it simply, service industry employees know how to manage people. I am so thankful to have a steady career, benefits, and PTO while using my social skills and not being bored.”


You love the fast pace!

“I was dreading graduating and taking an office job. I did not want to sit at a desk all day with mundane tasks. I quickly saw that recruiting is an upbeat environment and the relationship with your peers mirrored that of a bar/restaurant.”

Recruiting gives you the opportunity to interact with people while maintaining lasting relationships. No one interaction is the same, keeping you on your toes with a good challenge.

There is nothing quite like the shifts where all the stars align, and your pockets are filled with cash. You earned this. Unlike many industries, service teaches you to earn your income and not allow for anything to stand in your way. Recruiting is YOUR business. You have the control to change your income.

“I think anyone considering the transition should think of all the work they put in and what they get out of it. Imagine taking a temporary pay cut for a few months then doubling your income for years to come. All this and endless amounts of PTO, happy hours, and benefits we receive from this job.”

Now, you are ready!  

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If you are wanting to learn more, join us for a virtual talk with Lauren Rider, successful Nurse Recruiter and Eli Garland, Manager of Talent Acquisition as we discuss the transition from service work to a career in Nurse Recruiting. Facebook Event link:  


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