4 Reasons Nurses Make Great Healthcare Recruiters

December 1, 2021

Are you feeling burnt out from bedside nursing and considering a career change? You may want to consider healthcare recruiting. As a healthcare recruiter, you will help nurses find jobs throughout the United States while still making a difference in patients' lives by ensuring they have access to the care they deserve. Learn why nurses make great recruiters and discover if this opportunity is right for you.

4 Reasons Nurses Make Great Healthcare Recruiters

Nurses Know the Industry

To succeed in healthcare staffing, you need to be familiar with the different nursing specialties, language providers use, and skills required for each role.

"My experience as an RN allowed me to make connections with nurses quickly and to empathize with what they are going through in their day-to-day. My clinical knowledge allowed me to grow quickly in recruiting as I was able to understand what skills were needed and what jobs were the best fit for the nurses I was working with," says Megan B., RN and recruiting manager.

Nurses are often some of the highest-earning recruiters due to their industry knowledge.

It Is All About Connections

Recruiting is all about developing strong relationships with your clients. The best recruiters are the ones who can form lifelong bonds with their nurses. Usually, RNs who become healthcare recruiters already have some connections from working at the bedside with their colleagues and can develop their book of business fairly quickly.

Improving Lives is What We Do

One quality nurses have is a desire to help people. When you leave bedside nursing, you may worry that you will no longer be able to impact patients' lives. However, as a nurse recruiter, you are changing the lives of healthcare providers by helping them find jobs and helping facilities ensure that patients have access to the quality care they deserve.

"I love being able to connect with lots of nurses all over the country and being able to help them achieve their career goals while also helping hospitals across the country have access to the healthcare providers that they are in desperate need of," says Megan.

At Health Carousel, our motto is: Improving Lives and Making Healthcare Work Better, and our recruiters make a difference every day.

Use Your People Skills

Nurses are used to working with people from different backgrounds from bedside nursing and recruiting allows you to continue using your people skills. You will work with providers with various specialties and experience levels to help them find the best job opportunities. You will also form relationships with internal support staff, such as credentialing, travel and housing, and payroll to ensure your clients have the best possible experience on their job assignments.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a healthcare recruiter, contact us today or apply.

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