4 Reasons People Quit Their Jobs to Work in Recruitment

March 22, 2022

It is no secret that the workforce is experiencing the 'great resignation' as people look for more fulfilling, stable, and financially lucrative opportunities. One career job seekers have discovered meets their needs is healthcare recruitment, leading to people quitting their current jobs and applying to recruiter roles.

4 Reasons Why People Quit Their Jobs to Work in Recruitment 

1. Salary 

One of the leading factors that cause people to look for a new job is dissatisfaction with their current income. Working in healthcare recruitment allows for employees to have uncapped earning potential.  

"My husband and I were both having to work full-time positions, and it was very hard to maintain a home, to have our children in extracurricular activities...so once I found this job and found the success here, I am able to provide for our entire family," says Heather R., Senior Nurse Recruiter.

Recruiters at Health Carousel earn a base salary plus commission, providing the opportunity to experience financial freedom.  

2. Work-Life Balance

Another reason people are quitting their jobs to work in recruitment is their desire for a better work-life balance. Recruiting allows people to live a meaningful life both inside and outside of the office.

"Work-life balance [at Health Carousel] is amazing. I came from an industry where I worked 60 hours a week, never had time off...and now I get to have dinner with my husband every night, get weekends off, and I never have to second guess whether or not I can go on a quick trip with my friends," says Lillian M., Producing Recruiting Manager.  

3. Benefits

Working for a company without good benefits can cause employees unnecessary stress, especially if they become ill. Healthcare recruitment companies often have great benefits and encourage employees to take care of their mental and physical well-being. Health Carousel offers: 

  • Day 1 benefits
  • Mental health resources
  • 17 PTO Days
  • 10 paid holidays
  • 100% paid maternity leave
  • And more...

4. No Experience Necessary 

A common myth is that experience is required to be a recruiter. However, many of our employees come from industries like teaching, the service industry, or nursing. Others are recent college graduates without any experience in the workforce. The fact that people can have no experience in this industry, receive great benefits, and achieve financial freedom makes healthcare recruiting a desirable career.  

Recruiting is what you make it, and if you are motivated, set goals, and work hard, you will be successful.

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