C-Suite winner Erik Schumann

September 3, 2021

The Cincinnati Business Courier announced that Erik Schumann, President of International & Chief Sales Officer is a C-Suite Award Winner in the Chief Sales Officer category.

In his interview with The Cincinnati Business Courier, Erik said that the professional achievement that gives him the most satisfaction is working to ensure that every patient in the US has access to a qualified healthcare professional when and where they need one.

Highlights from Erik’s nomination: 

“Erik's number #1 priority is people. That line is thrown around a lot. But in Erik’s case it is well-deserved. Our company’s higher purpose is to improve lives and make healthcare work better.  And Erik lives that social mission every day. He cares about patients and families and the healthcare providers we supply hospitals. AND he cares about our employees. In my 25 year+ career, I've had many leaders. He is by far the most impactful leader I've ever worked for. He sees the abilities in others that they don't see in themselves. He encourages us to celebrate successes and learn from the failures/set back. And he never asks others to do something he wouldn't happily do himself.”

“Erik is a force of nature with boundless energy and optimism. He is also a tremendous organizational leader and is well regarded for being a good partner for operational departments.”

“Erik’s most significant impact may have been his leadership during the COVID crisis in America.  Erik led the mobilization of hundreds of clinicians to meet the needs of clients and their patients in COVID hotspots.  When the COVID pandemic began in 2020, and hot spots emerged around the country, our hospital clients were over-run with patients.  Demand for our staffing services surged to record levels, but hospitals needed qualified healthcare professionals STAT!  Erik recognized the urgency of the situation and created a Rapid Response Staffing program to meet their needs.  He quickly partnered with client representatives, our company’s recruiting and account management teams, our nurse management team, our credentialing team, and the travel & housing team to streamline the processes for nationwide recruitment, credentialing, interviewing and selection, relocation to and lodging at assignment locations. He redesigned the compensation packages for the nurses and allied healthcare professionals on Rapid Response assignments to include hazard pay since they would be working at the front lines of the crisis. He also worked with our compensation and benefit department to implement COVID pay for clinicians that contracted the disease or were required to quarantine during a contracted assignment period.”

You can read more in the Cincinnati Business Courier feature.

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