Earl Dalton discusses the growth of healthcare careers with Business Insider

December 1, 2020

Our Chief Nursing Officer, Earl Dalton offered his expertise in healthcare careers & staffing for an article featured in Business Insider about the path into healthcare jobs.

He told Business Insider that within healthcare a lot of people are moving toward retirement age, which will mean a significant loss in workers. A 2017 study by the Association of American Medical Colleges predicted a shortage of between40,800 and 104,900 doctors by 2030.

"The same group that will be leaving healthcare will require care in one form or another, and so what that adds up to is that healthcare is an incredibly solid choice for the future because we are expected to have such incredible turnover over the next decade," said Earl Dalton, CNO, Health Carousel

The coming wave of retirement could create a knowledge gap and a loss of experienced workers, so there will need to be more people filling positions.

"All of those 'silver-tsunami' retiring people then are in the largest category of healthcare consumers, so we are expecting to see more patients needing more care simply because all of those people are moving into an age group where they are moving toward their geriatric ages." - Earl Dalton, CNO, Health Carousel

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