Earl Dalton named Health Care Heroes Award Finalist

We are proud to announce that Earl Dalton, Chief Nursing Officer at Health Carousel, is a finalist for the Cincinnati Business Courier’s Health Care Hero Award. 

The Business Courier recognizes individuals who have made an impact on health care in our community through the following areas: concern for patients, pioneering research and inventions, exemplifying management skills, and launching innovative programs for employees and their services. 

Dalton is a seasoned veteran of the healthcare field, carrying with him over twenty years of hospital experience. In addition to his keen clinical and bedside knowledge, Earl is attuned to the healthcare industry, particularly in the realm of nursing, and offers great insight and strategic thinking into the future of this invaluable industry:

“As a highly accomplished and well-respected nursing leader, Earl has a deep understanding of what it takes to achieve excellence in patient care, and what is required to build a world-class nursing organization.

He knows how important it is to have the correct nurse in the correct position at the correct time to serve the patients of a community. He understands the challenges of managing a large, diverse, clinical staff, especially during protracted clinical labor shortages and a global pandemic.

Earl leads a team of seasoned nurse managers that help us achieve our vision and higher purpose by ensuring high standards of Clinical Quality, helping to drive our growth, and achieving industry-leading Client and Nurse Satisfaction.

Earl has helped our company see the nurse staffing industry through the eyes of a nurse and he led several tangible changes to the nurses and hospitals we serve…He has become a respected thought leader for our industry. In short, Earl has raised our game. We are a better company because of his good work.”  

During the early days of the Covid-19 crisis, hot spots formed in various parts of the country. Dalton and his nurse management team reacted quickly to meet client needs. He partnered with our client service team to empower his nurse management team to take on nurse screening responsibilities on behalf of the clients, resulting in hundreds of new billable Rapid Response assignments. This initiative made an enormous impact on our clients, their patients, and their families. Dalton’s initiative also led to multi-million-dollar revenue increases for the company.  

Earl Dalton is one of the best and brightest in the industry, and we are proud of all the work he has done to improve lives in our community and to make healthcare work better for all.  

Winners will be announced at the 25th annual Health Care Heroes awards dinner on February 10th, 2022.

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