Health Carousel's 2016 Fastest Growing Profile for CEO Bill DeVille

November 22, 2016

Health Carousel's been named as the fifth-fastest growing staffing firm in the United States and the nation's third-fastest healthcare staffing firm. Below is a snippet of the company's profile of CEO Bill DeVille in Staffing Industry Analyst:


Rank: 5

Headquarters location: Cincinnati

Five-year CAGR for revenue: 76.0%

Riding High

What were the main factors that drove your success over the last year?

It’s no surprise that the healthcare staffing market is white hot. And we’re outperforming even industry-standard growth rates — we’ve had a 100% growth rate for the last four years. There are three primary factors driving our success: our people, our use of technology, and our communications strategy.First, we’re dedicated to putting the right people in the right chairs. We’ve built a great culture that’s a magnet for both internal and external talent. Our in-house team is motivated and engaged, and they’re all great believers in our mission.Second, we make sure the technology we use helps us to work faster, more effectively, and more efficiently. So, we’re 100% mobile, which frees our team from their desks. We have the latest computer systems, which helps us work faster and more efficiently. And we use marketing automation software, which keeps our messaging on point and expands our outreach.And finally, we have a very significant push to leverage technology to communicate with our target audience. We know it’s not always convenient for our clinicians to talk on the phone. It’s crucial that we communicate in ways that satisfy our clinical staff. So, we do a lot with email, text messaging, and social media. And what’s more, we measure the effectiveness of our all of our outreach efforts and adjust to each individual’s needs.To see the entire profile featured on Staffing Industry Analyst's website, click here.

About Health Carousel

Health Carousel is committed to partnering with world-class healthcare facilities across the country, providing rewarding assignments for Registered Nurses and Allied Health Professionals, and attracting the best internal talent at all career levels.