Health Carousel featured as Most Dynamic Digital Health Solution Provider to Watch

May 12, 2021

Health Carousel was recently featured in the Healthcare Insights Magazine edition of the Most Dynamic Digital Health Solution Provider to Watch in 2021.

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The healthcare staffing industry is a vital part of the healthcare delivery system in America, a system that has been tested by chronic worker shortages and a pandemic. Increasingly, organizations and healthcare professionals are looking for a modern, flexible, and technologically enabled staffing model, and Health Carousel, the 9th largest staffing firm in the US, has combined the best in digital technology with the traditional models of staffing to create a more satisfying, flexible and cost-effective experience for healthcare facilities and healthcare providers around the country.

Solving the Shortage Problem

The scarcity of qualified health personnel, including nurses and physicians has been one of the primary concerns in the U.S. healthcare system since the 1970s.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by the year 2024, there will be a need for more than 1 million nurses in the U.S. In addition, one-third of practicing US physicians are over 60 and more likely to retire over the next decade. As large numbers of aging physicians head into retirement, it could create a drastic knowledge gap and a loss of experienced workers, further hindering the country’s ability to educate and train providers entering the field. In addition to staffing shortages, healthcare facilities also struggle with optimizing the usage of a wide range of staffing solutions to maximize patient care and match expected patient census seasonally and during significant outbreaks.

Healthcare facilities were challenged to respond with recruitment and staffing solutions that meet the needs of their patients and facilities even before the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic created a surge in cases and patient care demands that far surpassed the capacity of the healthcare system, both in terms of available facilities, and healthcare providers.

Dedicated to addressing such short-term and long-term workforce challenges in the healthcare industry, Health Carousel, offers the finest healthcare talent and workforce solutions across a variety of healthcare occupations, including physicians, registered nurses, allied health, and advanced practice professionals. By delivering high-quality healthcare staff, it enables healthcare organizations to optimize their workforce, improve patient care, and reduce the cost of healthcare.

Delivering an Innovative Suite of Staffing Solutions

Health Carousel was founded in 2004 with a vision to ensure that every American has access to high-quality healthcare when and where they need it. And by doing so, to improve lives and make healthcare work better. Driven by this noble vision, the pioneering company offers an innovative suite of solutions designed to make staffing a healthcare facility easier, faster, and more manageable.

Over the years, Health Carousel has created a comprehensive portfolio of staffing and workforce companies, brands, and solutions including the Health Carousel Travel Network, that provides travel staffing services for nurse and allied healthcare professionals; the Health Carousel Locum Network, that provides temporary and direct hire employment options for physicians and advanced practice professionals; the Health Carousel International Network, that provides international contract-to-hire staffing services, and Healthcare Workforce Solutions that provides Master Service Provider (MSP) services to help meet the current and future needs of its clients.

Digital Physician and Advanced Practice Staffing Platform

As a part of the Health Carousel Locum Network, Lucidity is a digital staffing platform that redefines the way that physicians and advanced practitioners search for jobs and healthcare organizations search for world-class healthcare talent. Posting jobs on Lucidity is free for healthcare organizations and signing up with Lucidity is free for healthcare providers.

“Lucidity is an easy-to-use technology platform that connects talented healthcare providers with the leaders of healthcare organizations who are searching for great employment solutions, including locum tenens staffing and direct hires. The proprietary matching engine matches healthcare providers with available assignments based on more than 15 factors. This means our clients and providers get the best match to fit their needs,” says Tracy Hankin, Vice President of Innovation at Health Carousel.

On Demand App Empowering Nurses to Find Their Next Travel Assignment

Unlike other travel staffing organizations, Health Carousel, leveraging its proprietary digital technology and innovative matching engine, Health Carousel’s OnDemand platform, can rapidly scale recruitment efforts to meet critical needs, and offer flexible start dates, shifts, and assignment lengths to include long-term options designed around the unique needs and desired outcomes of both the healthcare provider and the client facility.

On Demand is a web-based application designed to give nurses the tools they need to find their next assignment, with features like precise job searching, real-time job alerts, personalized task management, transparent application tracking, and helpful communications from the Health Carousel team. It enables Health Carousel to deliver a tailored, self-service experience. attracting a deep talent pool and accelerating matches to healthcare facility needs.

Health Carousel – Stands Out in the Industry

“Our innovative suite of solutions is designed to make staffing your healthcare facility and managing your clinical staff easier, faster, less costly and more manageable. Health Carousel Workforce Solutions is a strategic complement to staff planning that identifies and addresses the root cause of your challenges to create better outcomes – for your facility, your patients, and your staff,” said Bill DeVille, CEO and Co-Founder of Health Carousel.

Health Carousel invests in technology and digital tools that enhance traditional recruiting services and increase staffing efficiency for virtually any clinical setting. Over the years, the company has made strategic investments in acquiring and developing new technology solutions to continuously improve the quality, speed, and accuracy of its service. In the past 5 years, Health Carousel has acquired six companies, Next Medical Staffing (2015), Medical Staffing Options (2017), Locum Medical Group (2018), Onyx MD (2019), Lucidity (2019) and Vitruvian (2021).

“We are results driven and we strive to achieve excellence in everything we do. We understand that the road to success is always under construction and we challenge ourselves to improve continuously and become the best versions of ourselves so we can achieve more, live better, and make a difference in the world,” adds Bill.

Pursuing Excellence with Its Mission-Driven Approach

Committed to the highest standards, Health Carousel relentlessly works towards its higher purpose of improving lives and making healthcare work better through its healthcare staffing solutions. With its innovative solutions and mission-driven approach, it strives to makes a difference in the lives of the healthcare providers, facility partners, and the patients that rely on its team to receive the best care.

“While we measure our financial and operational results, we have an additional ‘bottom line’ that is at the core of what we do: the number of patients lives we have impacted. We have already positively impacted the lives of 6 million patients nationwide,” affirms Bill.

This commitment to higher purpose and excellence has empowered the Health Carousel team to excel in the industry, earning recognition by Staffing Industry Analyst’s (SIA) as the 6th-fastest-growing U.S. staffing firm, the 9th largest healthcare staffing company in the nation, and was listed on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America list for the fifth consecutive year. Beyond growth, Health Carousel is consistently recognized as a Best Place to Work and recently was awarded the 2021 Medical Mutual SHARE Award for exemplifying employee-driven community service, philanthropy, and volunteerism.

Building the Omni-Channel Healthcare Staffing Business of the Future

Despite being technologically progressive, the company understands that people and relationships are at the heart of the healthcare industry. Thus, it is creating “omnichannel” systems that put these relationships first, empowering the healthcare providers and clients to engage with the company the way they want, when they want.

According to John Sebastian, Chief Digital Officer of Health Carousel, the future of healthcare staffing is where high tech and high touch converge to deliver faster, more personalized, and more meaningful experiences. He believes that the convergence of people and technology speeds up unnecessarily slow systems and processes and enables the company to deliver more value to its clients and healthcare professionals. Moving into the future, Health Carousel aims to continue integrating people and technology.

“At the end of the day, this is a people business and it can’t be done effectively with a digital-only platform, so we are wisely leveraging the best digital capabilities in combination with the traditional staffing model,” said Bill. “We deliver a customized omni-channel experience – as high tech as you want it to be and as high touch as you need it to be. We envision ourselves transforming the way contingent labor is employed in healthcare and look to continuously improve provider and client satisfaction in the process. By meeting healthcare providers and clients where they are, we can streamline processes, eliminate inefficiencies, and get qualified healthcare providers to work faster.”

About Health Carousel

Health Carousel is committed to partnering with world-class healthcare facilities across the country, providing rewarding assignments for Registered Nurses and Allied Health Professionals, and attracting the best internal talent at all career levels.