Health Carousel gives back, supporting DePaul Cristo Rey Corporate Work Study Program

Health Carousel’s first intern program with local high school DePaul Cristo Rey will soon complete their Corporate Work Study Program for the '21-'22 academic year, and we couldn't be more proud of their accomplishments. 

DePaul Cristo Rey featured a piece about Health Carousel’s partnership in their newsletter:

Cincinnati-based Health Carousel, one of the nation’s top healthcare staffing companies, stays singularly focused on improving lives and making healthcare better. Now, through the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP), that focus encompasses DPCR students. “What drew us to partner with DePaul Cristo Rey is the school’s unique approach to supporting youth within our community,” explains Johanna Krogh, associate manager of Communication and Engagement.

Health Carousel became a CWSP Partner in 2020. “We were excited and ready to host student-workers and then the pandemic hit,” recalls Johanna. “However, it was really important to us to continue to support the school in some way, even though no students worked last school year. We kept our financial commitment to the program anyway,” she explains.

As they prepared to welcome students this school year, “We started to talk about how we could have a greater impact beyond the four students assigned to work here,” says Johanna. That led Health Carousel to host all sophomores, juniors and seniors for full days of professional development in September. The students rotated through sessions on resume building, careers and corporate communications, and participated in a Future Leaders Panel with Health Carousel’s top leaders.

“The people at Health Carousel love their jobs; I saw that during the field trip,” says Mykasia ’22, “and I still see it when I work there every week.” She works in Marketing; three other students work in Accounting, Compensation and Benefits, and Sales Enablement and Operations. Mykasia has taken on increasing responsibilities including creating and scheduling social media content, and conducting marketing research on competitors. “This job is teaching me a lot,” she says.“I’ve learned about Google Analytics, how to better manage my time, and overcoming my shyness to talk to people. It’s helped me decide to major in business in college.”

“Even though our goal is to make sure we expose these students to aspects of our culture, we didn’t anticipate what they would teach our employees and leaders,” says Johanna. “This program gives some of our employees exposure to individuals who are different than them. Learning from teenagers has been an unexpected benefit for some of our managers.” She adds, “We hope to improve lives beyond our employees and immediate communities. We’re so glad that we get to be just a small part of what DePaul Cristo Rey is doing in this community.”

To view the full newsletter, click here.

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