Health Carousel Named a Finalist in Dayton Best Places to Work

Health Carousel is honored to be among the finalists for the Dayton Best Places to Work. Now more than ever, we are proud to support our employees every day. It is their hard work and dedication that make us a Best Place to Work as they drive the employee experience and provide the highest level of service to our healthcare professionals and clients across the United States.

Below is an excerpt from the Dayton Business Journal's featured article by Hannah Poturalski.

Health Carousel in Cincinnati has a local office at Austin Landing in Miamisburg, which houses two Health Carousel brands: NEXT Travel Nursing and NEXTLocums.

The health care staffing and workforce solutions company is a 2020 Best Places to Work honoree.

Paul Conklin, vice president of Health Carousel’s Next Travel Nursing brand, said the company has several new initiatives to support employees.

One such well-being initiative is the organization's state-of-the-art learning management system Health Carousel University and its Manager Essentials training program to help managers be the best they can be to support their employees, Conklin said.

"We value our employees as our number one asset and we support them as individuals," Conklin said.

The health care staffing company has four pillars within its well-being program: professional, physical, financial and social.

"We recognize our employees' professional achievements and stand with them through personal milestones as well," Conklin said.

Other wellness activities include yoga, blood drives, company-sponsored walks and marathons, and free CPR classes.

Conklin said employees get to know each other better through activities including a bake off, concerts and other outings.

Other employee benefits include a 401(k) match and financial planning and budgeting tools. The company last year also launched its first performance management system called GPS (Grow. Perform. Succeed.).

For more information on the Best Places to Work award, you can also visit the Dayton Business Journal’s announcement:

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